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Products and Services
using no medicines, the gentle movements, affirmations and visualizations of ChiLel Qigong  promote health and self healing.  ChiLel harnesses the universal life energy (qi) to absorb it into the body.  The results are truly amazing

A modern qigong based on 5,000 year old Chinese techniques, it was  developed by Dr. Pang Ming, who trained in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is taught at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training Center in China and in workshops all over the United States.  ChiLel Qigong has over 10 million practitioners worldwide and has been used for over 200 diseases with effective results

In 1997 the Chinese government undertook studies to rate the safety and effectiveness of the thousands of qigongs available.  ChiLel Qigong was rated the #1 recommended qigong for the Chinese public

Level 1 ChiLel Qigong  Training consists of:

LIFT CHI UP/POUR CHI DOWN - a 20 minute routine of movements, affirmations and visualizations.  Its main purpose is to exchange your qi with the qi of the universe

THREE CENTERS MERGE - a standing meditation focussing on harnessing universal qi into the body

LA CHI - a single simple, effective and powerful movement  for healing

WALL SQUATTING - the secrets of the grandmasters were revealed by teaching this method to the public beginning in 1980

FA CHI - learning to harness universal qi for healing yourself and others without depleting your own energy

Individual Instruction and Monthly Weekend Group Workshops

rapid resolution of phobias, fears, anxieties and unresolved traumas by learning to tap on your acupressure points while using specific affirmations.  With a high effectiveness rate, this technique, known as Emotional Freedom Techniques(TM) or EFT for short, usually requires only 1-3 sessions for relief of emotional distress

Irene A. Cohen, M.D. is a Certified Level 1 ChiLel Qigong Instructor and has completed Level 1 and 2 EFT Courses


These  techniques are not  meant to be offered as medical advice or treatment.  They are offered for insructional purposes only.  Please consult with your physician before trying these techniques.   Participants agree they are responsible for any effects they derive from utilizing these techniques and  hold Dr. Cohen harmless from any consequences of practicing these insturctional methods.